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GIA Certified Design Thinking Professional

  • 10Days


Design thinking is an innovative human-centered problem-solving approach that helps individuals and organizations tackle complex challenges by focusing on user needs, prototyping, and testing. This training program provides participants with a comprehensive understanding of design thinking principles and tools and equips them with the skills needed to apply design thinking in real-world situations. Design Thinking consists of multiple number of interactive workshops that will help participants to have the skills, tools and confidence needed to drive change across their business. By the end of this course, participants will: - Acquire a deep understanding of the Design Thinking principles, process and tools. - Apply the Design Thinking framework as a structured process to solve problems, generate breakthrough ideas and co-create an improved customer experience journey. - Improve personal effectiveness by becoming a more empathetic service provider. - Use observational techniques to gain deeper insights into customers and users. - Increase confidence in creative abilities by applying Design Thinking method to work and life. - Practice the skills of design thinking through the Selection and prototyping of ideas. - Ability to use proven methodology and tool for creative problem solving again and again.

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