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GIA Certified Foresight Professional GIA-CFP® Virtual Training - Arabic




4 Evenings


About the Course

It is widely recognized that a key area for the development of leaders and managers is their ability to think strategically and to apply new, counter-intuitive ways of thinking and innovative approaches to solving challenges and exploiting future opportunities.

This program will provide leaders and managers with a flexible and adaptable framework for thinking strategically and exploring strategies for the benefit of their organization.

The future is not an empty space, but like the past, it is an active factor in the present. How we think about the future directly impacts the strategic decisions we make today. In this era of complexity and accelerated change, we must intentionally create the right future for ourselves and our organizations. Future thinking can turn a complex and ambiguous world into a map of new innovations, possibilities, and opportunities.

This interactive training program is designed to develop the advanced skills required for strategic leaders, futurists, corporate planners, scenario thinkers, and corporate game changers responsible for shaping the future of their organizations. Hence, the primary objective of this training program is to help foresight practitioners effectively contribute to the foresight efforts of their organizations. 

Upon successful completion of this interactive program, participants will be able to: 

1. Lead corporate foresight efforts

2. Empower and motivate a corporate foresight culture

3. Identify drivers of change, trends, weak signals, and wild cards

4. Effectively use the global foresight framework

5. Efficiently apply a structured foresight process

6. Develop a future-foresight-driven strategy

7. Lead the construction of the scenario matrix and scenario planning efforts

8. Motivate future thinking and corporate reinvention to meet future challenges

9. Professionally use foresight methods, tools, and techniques, including horizon scanning, future wheels, scenarios, the Delphi technique, trend analysis, forecasting, visioning, and backcasting.

Module 1 – Understanding Future Foresight

- The VUCA World

- Complexity and Accelerated Change

- Defining Future Foresight

- The Six Foresight Principles

Module 2 – The Future Foresight Process Framework

- The Future Foresight Framework

- Exploring A Range of Futures

- Foresight Methods, Tools & Techniques

- Building Strategic Foresight Capacity

Module 3 – The Strategic Intelligence Scanning

- What, Why, and When to Scan

- Trends, Weak Signals & Wild Card

- Scanning Methods, Tools & Techniques

- Environmental Scanning Approaches

Module 4 – Foresight Analysis In Action

- Assumptions impact on the analysis

- Trend analysis Method

- Emerging Issues Analysis

- The Future Wheels Technique 

Module 5 – Foresight Interpretation In Action

- The Foresight Interpretation Focus

- Interpretation Depth and Layers

- Interpretive Method, Tools & Techniques

- Causal Layered Analysis 

Module 6 – Foresight Prospection In Action

- What Is Foresight Prospection?

- Prospection Methods & Techniques

- Experiencing The Future

- Backcasting Approach 

Module 7 – The Scenario Planning Approach

- What and Why Scenario Planning

- The Scenario Planning Process

- Building the Scenario Matrix

- Implementing Scenario Planning

Module 8 – The Foresight-Driven Strategy

- The Strategic Landscape

- Foresight and Strategy

- Reframing Conventional Strategic Planning

- Moving to Foresight Driven Strategy

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Your Instructor

Dr. Kasim Kanakri

Dr. Kasim Kanakri

Dr. Kasim Kanakri
Creating Tomorrow’s Leaders … Today

Areas of Excellence: Strategic Management, Innovation Management, Foresight, Happiness, Personal Excellence, Leadership, Transformation, Business Excellence

Dr. Kasim Kanakri is a Senior management consultant and Advisor with over 38 years corporate experience with government and private institutions throughout Shipping, Oil & Gas, Aviation, training and Consulting industries in the areas of Strategy, Human Resources, Business Excellence & Innovation. He is a Professional Balanced Scorecard Practitioner and Certified EFQM European Assessor.

He is the author of various management concepts, framework and criteria for various business awards including the UAE Innovation Award, Taqdeer Award for Labor Welfare, Human Resources Building Award and the Happiness Award. He also led a team of Business Excellence consultants designed & created the First Excellence Policy & Methodology manuals based on the Government Excellence Program Criteria.

He is a renowned speaker and seasoned trainer conducted more than 500 training programs and interactive workshops in Strategy & Balanced Scorecard, Innovation, Leadership & Transformation, Human Resources and Talent Management, Team and Personal Effectiveness, and Business Excellence for senior leaders, managers, specialists, assessors, and team members.

In the past 2 years, he trained and qualified more than 400 innovation managers, assessors and team members on various innovation training programs including International Innovation Driving License (IIDL), Innovation Assessors training and Innovation Masterclass etc.

He led corporate strategic planning project teams to complete more than 40 corporate strategic plans and over 200 cascaded plans for Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE Federal governmental and other emirates’ organizations. He also facilitated Excellence to a vast number of government organizations enabling these entities to win excellence awards as organizations, individuals, teams, and projects in various categories of Excellence Awards throughout the UAE.

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