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GIA Certified Future Foresight Professional (CFP®)

  • 16Days
  • 1Step


It is widely recognized that a key area for the development of leaders and managers is their ability to think strategically and to apply new, counter-intuitive ways of thinking and innovative approaches to solving challenges and exploiting future opportunities. This program will provide leaders and managers with a flexible and adaptable framework for thinking strategically and exploring strategies for the benefit of their organization. This interactive training program is designed to develop the advanced skills required for strategic leaders, futurists, corporate planners, scenario thinkers, and corporate game changers responsible for shaping the future of their organizations. Hence, the primary objective of this training program is to help foresight practitioners effectively contribute to the foresight efforts of their organizations. Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to: 1. Lead corporate foresight efforts 2. Empower and motivate a corporate foresight culture 3. Identify drivers of change, trends, weak signals, and wild cards 4. Effectively use the global foresight framework 5. Efficiently apply a structured foresight process 6. Develop a future-foresight-driven strategy 7. Lead the construction of the scenario matrix and scenario planning efforts 8. Motivate future thinking and corporate reinvention to meet future challenges 9. Use foresight methods, tools, and techniques e.g. horizon scanning, future wheels, scenarios, backcasting, etc.

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